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Agricultural Research Station, Lam was initially established in the year 1922 along with Buffalo Research Station in an area of 300 acres of reserve forest land allotted by the Government. Both Agricultural and Buffalo Research Stations functioned as a single unit till 1928 when they were separated and started to function as independent units. Thegeographic location of the station is north of Guntur on Guntur – Amaravathi road, 8 km awayfrom Guntur at 16.100N latitude, 28.290 E longitude and 31.5m altitude. Lam is a village named after LAMAS; the Buddhist monks lived at this place, 2000 years back.


The soils of the farm are deep black in nature of about 61-71 depth with good moisture retentive capacity with a pH 8.4, EC 0.16 m.mhos/cm and is ideally suited for research on dry land farming. The mean annual rainfall at the farm is 905 mm.


The major mandate of the research station is to improve the dry land crops viz.,Cotton, Tobacco, Chillies and Millets. A twenty year duration trial to workout rainfall –yield correlation, optimum time of sowing of dry land crops, experiments on optimum manurial schedules and mixed cropping trials were a few worth mentioning research projects carried out during the early period.


The Agricultural Research Station, Lam was upgraded as the Regional Agricultural Research Station during 1980, as the Zonal headquarter for Krishna- Godavari Zone. In the year 2007 KG Zone is bifurcated into Krishna and Godavari Zone with RARS, Lam as headquarters for Krishna Zone comprising of Prakasam, Guntur and Krishna Districts.

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